GREMI laboratory

GREMI is a joint research unit of Orléans university and CNRS specialized in plasma and laser processes. The processes studied and developed by GREMI mainly concern energy, materials, microelectronics, nanotechnology, metrology and biomedical fields.

The research activities of GREMI laboratory focus on two main topics:

Plasma and laser processes for the design of thin films and nanomaterials
  • Energy storage and conversion, and development of new materials (photovoltaics, transparent electronics, fuel cell and microbattery design)
  • Nanotechnologies (plasma etching, carbon nanotube electrical connections and heat sinks, laser surface treatment)
  • Dusty plasma
Development of plasma sources for novel applications​​​​​​
  • Plasma and energy
  • Chemical properties of plasmas for environmentally-oriented research
  • Micro-plasma, X and UV sources for imaging, use of plasma in medicine