Research thematics

Energy efficiency of electrical systems
One of CERTeM's research thematics concerns the optimization of energy efficiency of electrical systems. Improving the efficiency of electrical devices requires an optimization of energy conversion. CERTeM projects include the objectives of reduction of losses in AC switches, energy management and power converters.

Integrated systems for mobile electronics
The development of mobile electronics requires the realization of miniaturized electronic components with enhanced features. To manufacture these components, high performances new materials and processes are needed. CERTeM also develops new packaging technologies for devices, ensuring their protection and reducing the space they occupy.

Micro energy sources
The development of IOT (Internet of things) has increased research and manufacture of new micro power sources (electrical, thermic, mechanical ...). The research work of this thematic concerns energy generation (fuel cells), energy storage (microbatteries) and energy harvesting (microgenerators).

CERTeM and energy management

Energy is one of major concerns of the 21st century. CERTeM offers innovative answers for optimization of energy consumption and development of energy production, storage and harvesting techniques to meet major energy challenges :
  • Optimize energy consumption (smart building, reduction of energy losses ...)
  • Develop energy sources (electric, mechanical, thermic ...) and renewable energies,
  • Adapt to new demands concerning mobility, autonomy and compactness of objects,
  • Accompany the development of innovations to improve our daily life (medical devices, iot ...).